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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Rejuvinit Gold clients

Happy Rejuvinit Gold client, Azariyah "Gigi" Kelley, here with author H Gibson, Originator of Rejuvinit Natural Beauty Products at the Blue Moon Farmer's Market, Belmopan, Belize

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Friday, 25 January 2019

REJUVINIT BEAUTY by Facets (Private) Ltd BZ - Re-launch

Rejuvinit© Beauty
the Best Kept Beauty Secret in the World
Public announcement 25 January 2019

REJUVINIT BEAUTY by Facets (Private) Ltd BZ.

We are open for orders. Products will be added as manufacturing expands.

We are proud to announce that Rejuvinit Beauty is now being managed by Facets Belize. 
Updates can be followed on our Blog page.

Yours Sincerely

Rejuvinit Beauty

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Facets (Private) Limited 16855 BZ, 2018

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Rejuvinit Beauty in the Caribbean

Public announcement 24 July 2018

Please note we are in the process of moving operations to the Caribbean and will notify clients as soon as we are back in production.

Unfortunately, our products are currently not available due to changes in laws relating to natural products. As from February 2018, we could no longer continue manufacturing in South Africa as the call-up timeline culminating end of 2019 has started affecting us.

We could not see any way to afford the millions it would cost to again jump through all the governmental hoops, including even having to register our cosmetic products as medicines. We had also experienced huge problems in importing our raw materials and exporting our finished products because of these new laws.

As a result we are in the process of relocating in order to serve our clients in the USA and Europe. Until public pressure forces the SA government and Medical Control Council (MCC now SAHPRA) to come to their senses, we will not be able to ship any products containing our base oils and flower oils, into South Africa.

We have tried since 2013 to oppose government and create public awareness at our own cost, but to no avail, and had to take this drastic step for our products to continue.

Keep an eye on our facebook pages for any new developments.

Kind regards

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Ultra rare Rejuvinit Gold for sale

Ultra rare Rejuvinit Gold for sale


Two bottles currently available. This is the last of my private stock. Can post from Belize.
Contact me on for more information. //

Saturday, 9 December 2017

#RejuvinitBeauty Public announcement 9 December 2017

#RejuvinitBeauty Public announcement 9 December 2017

Since 2009 Healing Oil Products has changed the lives of thousands of people as can be attested with more than 26,000 thank you notes received from grateful clients.

We are proud of the products we have created, grateful of the life experience on this journey and the exceptional people met along the way.  

For the first time in 9 years the owners of Healing Oil Products are taking a well deserved sabbatical, thus the online shops will be closed for business as of 5 January 2018 until further notice. 

#ChroniclesofHan ebooks can still be obtained directly from (using PayPal) and will be forwarded electronically to the purchaser as per usual.

Kindest Regards
H Gibson

Any queries over this time, please contact us via facebook or alternative email

Sunday, 3 December 2017

BACK IN STOCK - #RejuvinitBeauty Platinum Infinity Serum - Ultimate Anti-Ageing

BACK IN STOCK - #RejuvinitBeauty Platinum Infinity Serum - Ultimate Anti-Ageing

Our new stock arrived in time for the Holiday Season. Please order online or

Contact us for product information.

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