Wednesday 14 June 2023

Notice: Rejuvinit Website Update 26 June 2023

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This post is to update you on the status of the Rejuvinit dot com website.

The original website could not be saved and a new website is being created. It is available at but pages are still under construction. 

Kindly note that all links to pages will be broken.

In the meantime, you can contact us whatsapp +501 6382844

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Wednesday 16 November 2022

Rejuvinit Beauty Oil - client feedback, November 2022

Manage pimples, acne and other skin blemishes with Rejuvinit Beauty Oil. Natural and economical with an excellent track record. Skincare since 1850. Visit for more information or to order. We ship almost everywhere. 


Wednesday 14 April 2021

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Rejuvinit Beauty Soap Bar - The Best Beauty Bar available


NEW - Rejuvinit© Beauty Soap (Limited Edition):

Rejuvinit© Beauty Bar Soap is a natural cleanser, ideal to complement Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil and Gold Anti-Ageing Serrum and enhance the effectiveness of the product especially with combating recurring acne outbreaks, dark marks and dry/oily skin.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil and Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil
Directions: Rub a tiny amount of soap onto a damp face cloth. Work into a lather on the face or other acne-prone areas. Rinse, dry and apply a bit of 
Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil or GOLD for best results. This soap can be used as a stand-alone cleanser and is suitable for the whole body.

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Sunday 5 April 2020

What can I use for assisting in preventing Flu Virus

What can I use for assisting in preventing Flu Virus

Axhilirit Breeze - Powerful Traditional Inhaler and Sanitizer

Apart from the regular self-isolation, social distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing masks, add Axhilirit Breeze as an additional preventative measure. 

The combination of essential oils in Axhilirit Breeze has traditionally been used to support the respiratory system and is ideal to use as support or preventative care during Flu season, while travelling, and especially now with the threat of the Corona virus.

Sprinkle a drop or two on your mask to inhale as you interact in public. Place a drop in the palm of your hand and wash your hands, no need to dry, just leave on the skin.

If you do not wish to inhale from your hands, just sniff the open bottle to receive all the benefits of the oils.

Visit for more information.

#MadeinBelize #Natural #VeganFriendly pure plant and essential oils - no preservatives

Please note: due to Corona-19 virus lockdown we are currently unable to ship internationally.
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Sunday 29 March 2020

Skin Care Routine – How I got my face cleared using natural products

 Skin Care Routine

– How I got my face cleared –

by Rebecca Henrich, Sunnybrook Farm, Belize

You will need:
• Pure natural honey • Filtered or ideally, colloidal silver water
• Rejuvinit Beauty Oil or Gold • Luffa (rough scrub) and one soft scrubby
• Rejuvinit Beauty bar • Shea butter or another natural moisturizer
• “Mek Yuh Skin Glo” soap bar

Morning routine:
Put pure honey on the worst spots and let it soak in. Then gently scrub your skin with a soft scrubby and the Rejuvinit Beauty bar soap. After rinsing and drying, apply shea butter or another natural moisturizer on your whole face.

Evening routine:
Put pure honey on the worst spots and let it soak in. Scrub with a Mek-Yuh-Skin-Glo soap and a hard scrubby (Luffa). Then rinse and dry, add drops of the Rejuvinit beauty oil and apply Shea butter afterwards.

Repeat the routine daily. In severe cases, you may apply the Rejuvinit beauty oil in the mornings and evenings. One or two times a week put on a Turmeric scrub or mask, soak in for twenty minutes and rinse off. Apply moisturizer afterwards.

Basically, break down to:
Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face twice per day. Every day! Do not forget to scrub every once or twice a week with a natural facial scrub

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Thursday 2 January 2020

Happy new Year 2020 from Rejuvinit Beauty

We wish all our clients a happy new year. May 2020 be prosperous and blessed.

From the Rejuvinit Beauty team.