Axhilirit© E Oil and Cream

Enhanced with Baobab & Jojoba


Oil and Cream suitable for

- Moisturising

- Itchy, dry skin

- Eczema-prone skin   


Ingredients: natural plant oil and resins, natural coconut cream, pine oleoresin oil, geranium, tea tree essential oils, baobab and jojoba nut oils, pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly for balm base


Axhilirit© E Oil is versatile, can be used with other creams and oils, as a bath oil and works exceptionally well as a spot treatment. 

Axhilirit© E Cream is a rich moisturizing cream best suited for extremely dry skin as well as on the face, hands and feet where it leaves a non-greasy protective layer. Ideal day cream or body cream.

Axhilirit© E Balm is specifically developed for excessively dry skin types where a fatty barrier is required. Contained in pure pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly (inert). PSORIASIS clients have reported this balm to be extremely beneficial in alleviating their symptoms.  

EXTRA BENEFITS / BEAUTY TIP: CELLULITE Clients treating eczema on their cellulite areas had reported a drastic reduction/negation in the appearance of cellulite. 

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