Friday, 25 December 2015

Beware Imitations and scams for Rejuvinit GOLD

Rejuvinit Gold UK SCAM

Beware Imitations for Rejuvinit GOLD

People beware – if something is scarce and really works miracles – SCAMS will ensue.

After Rejuvinit Gold attended a show in the UK where samples were lapped up with great enthusiasm, we have been inundated with complaints about our product being advertised in the UK, but when the clients try to find it they only reach a page on “Health Info MD” about another product being advertised (with a similar story to ours briefly mentioned).

Rejuvinit GOLD is currently only available from Healing Oil Products in South Africa and from the selected outlets stated on our website. All advertising includes our telephone number +27 72 588 9090 or 072 588 9090.

If you search for Rejuvinit Gold and do not land on pages referring to the following websites
you have reached a SCAM site.

Google Search for rejuvinit gold uk - Note that every website address is different, yet lands on the same page:

Healing Oil Products and Rejuvinit GOLD story briefly mentioned on the landing page:

The story in the article speaks about a product simply called 'Anti Age Wrinkle CreamTM'. Looks legit enough:

Then up pops a ‘get one for free’ prompt for ‘Advanced Day Care Anti Aging’. . . and where does this land you –

You guessed it – a totally unrelated page – this time for ‘BellaVei’ products on a website named The correct and legitimate website for BellaVei is The interesting part is that Rejuvinit Gold is not mentioned or does not come up ANYWHERE on ANY of these pages. It looks as if good product names are being used as lures to part unsuspecting victims from their money. 

Stay vigilant and beware of scams. 

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H Gibson,

Author of the Chronicles of Han Storm Series and the Originator of Rejuvinit and Axhilirit Healing Oil Products.