Sunday, 6 September 2015

Why Industry insists on mediocrity

Why Industry insists on mediocrity

This weekend I was informed that our products were so 'expensive'.
Pondering this expression, I thought to myself that we charged a fair price for a product that does not even have a competitor in its category. It is my personal opinion that there are no products to be compared to because our products actually WORK, each and every one of them.

Ladies and gentlemen think nothing of it to purchase a well known Industry Name Brand product at a much higher price than our products. I am aware of quite a few of our clients who did this because we are assumedly so 'expensive', then return to using Rejuvinit when they realize that the Brand Name products do not produce the results they have gained with a tiny amount of Rejuvinit. Alternatively, they continue using their Big Brand Name in conjunction with our Rejuvinit Beauty Products, giving credit to the Name Brand, while we know that it is the Rejuvinit assisting in enhancing their appearance. It is really so sad to see beauticians using your products on themselves, attributing their great skin to another product in order to ensure turnover.

Monthly turnover is the exact reason why most Big Brands formulate products that perform only good enough to be used repeatedly, never good enough to work so thoroughly that your clients do not need to buy it every single month.

I have my values. I will not dilute my product. I will rather have a few loyal clients who contact me once a year than to decrease the efficacy of my products.

So next time you tell me my product is expensive, please think again. How much do you spend monthly on inferior products you are not satisfied with in any case?