Thursday, 1 October 2015

'For Your Eyes Only'

'For Your Eyes Only'

The Guarding of South Africa's Best Kept Beauty Secret deepens as the pinch of the economic meltdown is felt throughout.

I bumped into a client during the week who has visibly became younger, not just in the reduction of wrinkles and great skin-tone; her overall picture is one of glowing health and vitality.

"What have you done to look so good?" is obviously the first question.

"I get this question regularly" she replied with a mysterious smile. "I tell them I use normal old X-Y-Z cream" she laughed. "Of course they do not believe me, but how dare I mention that I use a couple of drops of Rejuvinit Gold mixed with it."

This is not the first client that admits not telling anyone else about her secret.

"What have you done? A nip, a tuck, botox, a facelift, dermaroller?" the questions are asked and the ladies, and gentlemen, that use Rejuvinit Beauty Products zip the lip about their secret.

I shake my head in disbelief that such a great product should be hidden away and made so difficult to find.

But then, maybe this is part of Rejuvinit's charm. It is hard to come by. It is an elusive product. It is not mainstream and only a few selected places are allowed to stock it, on special request from our clients for their convenience.

A warning though, as the users of Rejuvinit knows, stocks are limited, so avoid disappointment and always phone ahead to make sure your favourite Rejuvinit product is available or to order in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, become part of the Rejuvinit Club where it is your right to keep your Beauty Secret.

Enjoy the Rejuvinit Conspiracy and keep on defying your true age!

H Gibson
Author, Chronicles of Han Storm Series

* * *

Rejuvinit GOLD is available in 20ml packaging as from 1 October 2015

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