Rejuvinit© Beauty & Skin Oil is suitable for:

ü      Fine Line Wrinkles

ü      Acne, pimples, adult acne, acne scarring

ü      Skin Discoloration

ü      Scar Care and Stretch Marks

ü      Age and liver spots

ü      Damage caused by sunburn

ü      Excessively large pores on face and nose

ü      Advanced Care for Burn and Cancer Areas

ü      Stress Reliever

ü      Mild Aphrodisiac and Libido Booster

ü      PMS, Painful Periods, Heavy Periods, Hot Flushes

ü       No preservatives

Remarkable results have been noted within five days of application. The older, more damaged skin usually needs a few more days to start showing the rejuvenating effects.

Rejuvinit© may assist in balancing skin, increases elasticity, tones dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin and is often used to alleviate or negate stretch marks and scars.

Sunblock and make-up can be applied within 5 minutes after application of Rejuvinit©. 

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