Friday, 12 June 2015

Naturally Strong and Beautiful Nails

Naturally Strong and Beautiful Nails

Every girl loves beautiful nails. Most of us spend a fortune on gel and acrylic nails to make our hands a focus point on our bodies.

How to support natural nails under the layers of varnish has always been a challenge.

Rejuvinit Nail and Cuticle oil has been developed in conjunction with a Nail Technician to assist with the maintenance of Naturally Beautiful Nails.

Now you have an option to wear your gel or acrylic nails, or switch back to natural nails whenever you fancy.

For healthy nails and cuticles, application of Rejuvinit Nail Oil on a twice weekly basis is more than enough for maintenance. For nails in need of more TLC, a once a day application regime may be adopted.

There is no need to remove Gel or Acrylic nails for treatment as the Rejuvinit Nail Oil was developed to apply over set/dry gel, acrylic or lacquer, permeating through the cosmetics in order to treat and moisturize the natural nail without damaging the work of your favourite nail bar. 

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This photo shows how Rejuvinit restored my nails after 3rd Degree burns to my hands. The ER doctors wanted to amputate three fingers on my left hand. I am so glad I refused!