Rejuvinit© GOLD All Natural Anti-Ageing Serum

ü      Boere-Beautox©

ü      Natural ‘Botox’ Alternative

ü      Turn Back Time 5 to 20 years

ü      Loyal Clients in 35 Countries 

ü      Initial results seen within 15 to 20 minutes


Ideal for:

Stubborn and Severe Wrinkles on the face, neck and hands

Frown lines, smile lines and lip wrinkles

Smokers lines

Can be used on wrinkles around the eyes and upon the eyelids

Alleviates puffy or baggy eyes

Exquisitely compliments most other treatments such as Galvanic and Dermaroller


Natural anti-wrinkle treatment that works from first application. 

Affordable alternative to chemical injections and Botox treatments. 

Effortless alternative to time-consuming anti-ageing treatments. 

Effective anti-ageing treatment that leaves lasting effects.


Clients fall in love with Rejuvinit© Gold, referring to it as a natural ‘Botox’.

Some clients affectionately call Rejuvinit© Gold Boere-Beautox©

Remarkable results have been noted within 20 minutes of application! The older, more damaged skin usually needs a little longer to start showing the initial softening effects on severe wrinkles.

Specially formulated for SEVERE and STUBBORN wrinkles, Rejuvinit© Gold repairs the damage to wrinkled skin by kick-starting the body’s natural ability to repair itself and re-produce its own collagen for revitalized skin.

Results may vary amongst users, but generally the plumping up of wrinkles is visible within the first 20-30 minutes of application with radical, long-lasting results in 5-7 days.

Optimum results occur with regular use (1-3months) after which only ‘top-ups’ are needed, especially if Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil is incorporated as a daily beauty routine.

Years of neglect cannot be undone within 20 minutes or 5ml of oil as severely damaged and depleted skin takes time to rejuvenate.


One drop covers approximately 10x10cm of skin.

20ml contains approximately 500 drops of oil.

Shake bottle before use.

Use as a luxurious bath oil by adding 5-10 drops to bathwater.

Store tightly closed at room temperature. 

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