Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Nature Provides All you need

Nature Provides All you need

The last few weeks we had many clients calling on us to assist with damage done to their skins due to other products. On investigating the symptoms and ingredients of the products they had used, it came to light that in most regards exotic 'chemicals' equated to 'TOXIC' with capital letters, leading to side effects such as pre-mature aging, sagging skin, extremely dry skin, eczema and a host of other, really unpleasant systemic adverse events.

Because we are prohibited in South Africa from comparing brands, I am referring clients to various external links if they wish to follow up on their own.

I know better than most people, that Nature is the only assistance my skin needs. We do not add or take away from nature, using the essential and plant oils as nature intended, as pure as possible with minimal involvement or alteration from humans.

Really, I am appreciative of the extra business, but people, do your research before using products that promises the world. I understand that hype sells, but hype only lasts 12-18months before it dies down (remember the products made from snail and oleander derivatives.)

Many people have disagreed with my investigative findings, even becoming defensive, but through the years I would always advise people to look deeper than the surface of a quick fix. As advice mostly falls on deaf ears in many a case, I have learnt to close my eyes, sending the people who insisted that they were using a great product on their way with a prayer of good will.

Most hyped products have died down quietly, but I have not yet seen one of these types of products with such pronounced negative effects as the latest. If this is not enough to investigate, you can always research what those 'adult stem cells' are, how it is harvested and then decide if you wish to use plant, animal or human derived products.

List of links:

All body parts contain viruses, no matter how 'purified': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aHRMjVHggI&feature=share

Note: The above is based on the personal opinion of the writer. 

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