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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Third Degree Burns lead to breakthrough in Eczema Treatment

Third Degree Burns lead to breakthrough in Eczema Treatment

How my 3rd degree burn accident led to the development of a unique product that works for ECZEMA

Many fans and clients have asked me to explain the circumstances of how my third degree burn accident slots into the development of Healing Oil Products, particularly the part how the Axhilirit E products were developed. Axhilirit E has been found to be, in most regards (90% of users), a permanent or near-permanent solution for topical eczema skin types.

I was born with eczema. Not something the older generation knew a lot about, but I was considered fortunate as we had a medical aid and therefore had a choice of dermatologists and pharmaceutical drugs like cortisone, steroids and corticosteroids.

We tried everything, with temporary success, every time moving onto higher dosages, longer treatment regimes, with the eczema going away for a few weeks, then returning more severely in yet another cycle.

But alas, this was my life, dry, cracking, bleeding skin, so itchy that I would spend all night scratching, driving my husband up the walls. Going to work through the day, hiding your legs with long pants, refusing to wear skirts.

During the last part of my second pregnancy my skin said 'enough', breaking out in a full blown eczema episode for which I was advised not to use any medication. What the heck!? Having time on hand, I finally used my head and researched my symptoms on the internet.

This was the first time I was faced with the condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal or TSW. When the body rejects these drugs or people stop using it due to its long term toxic side effects.

Time sped on and after an extremely uncomfortable pregnancy, my baby was born and I was able to breastfeed, clear of pharmaceutical drugs, but as uncomfortable as hell in my own scaly skin.

When my baby was seven weeks old, a freak accident occurred where a pot of cooking oil exploded, engulfing me in burning oil and fire. I sustained 3rd degree burns to 35% of my body, my face and neck, hands, arms, both legs from the thighs to the feet. The glass lenses of my spectacles protected my corneas, otherwise I would have been left blind on top of everything.

I landed up in ICU at Sunninghill Hospital. Had to be resuscitated twice (my NDE story might be blogged another day). Off topic but sad note: Brenda Fassie was one of my co-patients before she passed over.

While recuperating from this horrific accident where the surgeons wished to amputate my fingers and I had to convince them not to, was not fun and games. Thus I healed, experiencing great nurses, not so good nurses, the emotional turmoil of visitors who I ended up consoling over how I looked, and surviving the constant barrage of the administrative system of Modern Medicine.

I knew I had made it when I was able to finally fit my bent spectacles back onto my face and for the first time in more than a month, could see in 3D. I learnt how to hold a spoon again, sort of, learnt how to scribble my signature, got off the bed and stood up, knowing that life was never going to be the same again as I could barely hobble.

After the accident my skin and body changed. I can not tolerate medication any longer, not even pain killers. I try and avoid all pharmaceutical chemical substances as far as possible.

Unfortunately the eczema returned. This put us into a predicament as to alternative eczema treatments until another accident occurred and Healing Oil Products came into its full potential. (Story here) After my scarring and stiff limbs started healing with the Axhilirit Healing Oil, the incredible itching of healing came about, resulting in me inadvertently scratching open the scars in my sleep.

My husband, ever patient, researched and found two natural ingredients that soothed the itch, added Baobab and Jojoba to the mix, and Axhilirit E was created.

Within weeks magic happened. My eczema patches became normal skin and stayed normal with minimal application of the oils and later, cream that was developed.

With our new soap we finally found a top to toe wash that keeps the skin and hair naturally moisturized and in excellent condition.

What a blessing to be comfortable in my own skin. Every day used to be a challenge. Now every day is a special gift as I have the opportunity in assisting other people in becoming comfortable in their own skins, be it eczema, scarring, acne, anti ageing or other blemishes.

My passion is to allow people to know there is hope. There is healing. Keep an open mind and search. You will find the correct combination of substances or product for you.

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