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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Eczema products that work too well

Axhilirit E Natural skin Moisturizer

Products that work too well

One problem natural companies, naturopaths, shamans and healers of all modalities face is that their products work too well, preventing repeat business.

This weekend a person visited our stall, stood still for a moment, then reflectively stated "I forgot about you. I need to tell you that your product sorted out my skin issue and then I clean forgot about your existence."

In healing modalities and when your products are designed to 'sort out' issues, this is music to our ears. For every one person who 'forgets' about us or our products, there are many others who do not, and refer friends and family.

Thank you to all our loyal Axhilirit and Rejuvinit clients who make sure we are still in business after ten years of selling to the public.

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